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Oracle® Fusion Applications Coexistence for HCM Implementation Guide
11g Release 1 (11.1.3)
Part Number E20378-01
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6 Define Reference Data Sharing

This chapter contains the following:

Reference Data Sharing: Explained

Reference Data Sets for HCM Coexistence: Points to Consider

Reference Data Sharing: Explained

Reference data sharing facilitates sharing of configuration data such as jobs and payment terms, across organizational divisions or business units. You define reference data sets and determine how the data is shared or partitioned. Use reference data sets to reduce duplication and maintenance by sharing common data across business entities where appropriate. Depending on the requirement (specific or common), each business unit can maintain its data at a central location, using a set of values either specific to it or shared by other business units.

You can share reference data after it is filtered on the basis of sets. A common reference data set is available as the default set, which can be assigned to several business units sharing the same reference data. For commonly used data such as currencies, you can use the common reference data set and assign it to multiple business units in various countries that use the same currency. In cases where the default set cannot be assigned to an entity, you can create specific sets. The data set visible on the transactional page depends on the sharing method used to share reference data.

For example, XYZ Corporation uses the same grades throughout the entire organization. Instead of managers in different business units setting up the same grades, XYZ Corporation decides to create a set called Grades and assign the grades reference data group for all business units in the organization to the Grades set, so that the grades can be shared.


For specific information on configuring reference data sharing for a particular object or product, refer to its product documentation.

Reference Data Sets for HCM Coexistence: Points to Consider

When you set up an HCM coexistence environment, you must identify the reference data sets you need. Reference data sets provide a mechanism for separating and sharing definitions of specific business objects among business units. The set-enabled business objects that are relevant to all uses of HCM coexistence are locations, grades, jobs, and departments. Performance templates, which are relevant to Oracle Fusion Talent Management, are also set-enabled. You must create reference data sets before you load data from your source application. The approach you take varies with the source application; however, in all cases the aim is to reflect your source configuration of relevant business objects as efficiently as possible in Oracle Fusion.

Oracle PeopleSoft HRMS

If your source application is Oracle PeopleSoft HRMS, you can:

Which approach you adopt depends on how you want to partition your data in Oracle Fusion.

Oracle E-Business Suite

If your source application is Oracle E-Business Suite, you map each business group to a business unit and identify a default reference data set for each business unit; however, you can use the predefined common set for your global location and competency values.