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Oracle® Fusion Applications Coexistence for HCM Implementation Guide
11g Release 1 (11.1.3)
Part Number E20378-01
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21 Run Post-Load Processes for HCM Workforce Compensation Data

This chapter contains the following:

Processes Required After Loading Workforce Compensation Data for HCM Coexistence: Explained

Extracting HCM Coexistence Data: Explained

Processes Required After Loading Workforce Compensation Data for HCM Coexistence: Explained

After loading workforce compensation data to Oracle Fusion, you need to run processes to populate and maintain the workforce compensation tables. You run these processes from the Scheduled Processes work area.

The following table describes the purpose and frequency of each of the post-data-load processes.



Start Compensation Cycle

The Start Compensation Cycle process copies data from the HR tables into the workforce compensation tables. It also creates the reporting hierarchy, budget sheets, and worksheets that managers will use. You run Start Compensation Cycle once only, after the initial load of workforce compensation data has completed successfully and you have created the compensation plan.

Refresh Workforce Compensation Data

The Refresh Workforce Compensation Data process updates the workforce compensation tables so that up-to-date data is used in the compensation cycle. You run Refresh Compensation Data after every incremental data load. You must also run Refresh Workforce Compensation Data if you change your compensation-plan setup.

Extracting HCM Coexistence Data: Explained

Once you have completed a compensation review cycle in Oracle Fusion Workforce Compensation, you must extract the results of the review and return them to your source application. The returned data must be successfully loaded in the source application, where it is usually subject to further processing. For example, bonus and salary information from a completed compensation review in Oracle Fusion Workforce Compensation may be included in person and employment records and used to pay employees from the payroll system in the source environment.

To perform the data extract, you run the Extract HCM Data process from the Data Exchange work area. Each business object change (assignment, salary, and bonus) for the selected compensation cycle process is reported in separate XML files that are added to a single zip file. The zip file is placed in the outgoing FTP directory, from where you can retrieve it and load it into the source application.