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Oracle® Fusion Applications Post-Installation Guide
11g Release 1 (11.1.3)
Part Number E22380-04
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1 Overview

This chapter contains the following:

Post-Installation: Overview

Post-Installation: Overview

After Oracle Fusion Applications is installed, you need to provision the new application environment before getting started. You must have administrative privileges to perform several configuration and setup tasks that are necessary before using the environment. For more information on provisioning a new applications environment, see the Oracle Fusion Applications Installation Guide.

To prepare the Oracle Fusion applications for functional implementation, you must perform several configuration tasks of which some are common for all Oracle Fusion applications or multiple product families, and some are specific to the individual product families or products. The configuration tasks could either be mandatory or optional, depending on the requirement.

Post-Provisioning Tasks for Individual Product Offerings

After successfully provisioning the Oracle Fusion Applications installation, configure the installed components to suit your business and functional requirements. For more information on configuring the installed components, see the Oracle Fusion Applications and Oracle Fusion Middleware product documentation, or the specific documentation for the installed component. For example, for more information about the changes to the Oracle Access Management policies that were installed during provisioning, see the Oracle Access Management documentation set.