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Oracle® Fusion Middleware Web User Interface Developer's Guide for Oracle Application Development Framework
11g Release 1 (

Part Number B31973-10
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E Quick Start Layout Themes

This appendix shows how each of the quick start layouts are affected when you choose to apply themes to them. ADF Faces provides a number of components that you can use to define the overall layout of a page. JDeveloper contains predefined quick start layouts that use these components to provide you with a quick and easy way to correctly build the layout. You can choose from one, two, or three column layouts. When you choose to apply a theme to the chosen quick layout, color and styling are added to some of the components used in the quick start layout.

Figure E-1 and Figure E-2 show each of the layouts with and without themes applied. For more information about themes, see Section 20.3.4, "How to Apply Themes to Components."

Figure E-1 Quick Start Layouts With and Without Themes

Quick Start Layouts With and Without Thems

Figure E-2 Quick Start Layouts With and Without Them

Quick Start Layouts With and Without Thems