14 Proactive Hardware Services

The Proactive Hardware Services tab is visible to customers with at least one hardware support identifier (SI) in their profile.

When you click the Proactive Hardware Services tab, you are taken to the Proactive Analysis Center (PAC), a single holistic system health reporting solution for proactive and reactive services accessible through the My Oracle Support portal. The system health reports have become a cornerstone in improving overall system availability to:

  • Quickly identify at risk systems with vulnerabilities

  • Manage risk through tracking and improving the Operational Risk Index (ORI)

  • Decrease operational costs by managing downtime that can be scheduled by the customer

PAC features include:

  • Self service capabilities to determine operational risk at any time

  • Dashboard for at-a-glance measurement of system health with drill-down capabilities into details

  • Automatic analysis of system telemetry for faster resolution of service requests

  • Analysis of collected telemetry to determine trends in fault profiles that enable early warnings of potential problems

  • Collected telemetry to help understand usage and failure profiles to assist in driving product improvements

  • Role-based access to information that is controlled on a strict need-to-know basis

Proactive Analysis Center provides analysis by leveraging a rules and knowledge engine currently capable of identifying more than 24,000 known situations based on configuration, products, and versions. The Proactive Analysis Center rules and knowledge base covers critical areas such as:

  • Sun Alerts

  • Field Action Bulletins

  • Operational Risk Index

  • Host Bus Adapter (HBA)

  • Network Interface Cards

The Proactive Activity Center with its end-to-end holistic Proactive System Health Reporting provides customers unparalleled system health reports that enable customers to effectively plan and better manage their IT infrastructure to meet business requirements.


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