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Sun Quad Port GbE PCIe 2.0 Low Profile Adapter, UTP

User's Guide

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Support and Accessibility

Understanding the Installation Process

Installation Overview (Oracle Solaris 10)

Installation Overview (Oracle Solaris 11)

Installation Overview (Linux)

Installation Overview (Windows)

Understanding the Adapter

Shipping Kit Contents

Product Description

Configuration Options

Front Panel Connectors and LEDs

Physical Characteristics

Performance Specifications

Power and Environmental Requirements

OS Patches and Updates

Installing the Driver

Verify the Driver Version (Oracle Solaris 10)

Verify the Driver Version (Oracle Solaris 11)

Remove the Driver (Oracle Solaris OS)

Download and Install the Driver (Linux)

Remove the Driver (Linux)

Download and Install the Driver (Windows)

Remove the Driver (Windows)

Installing the Adapter

Install the Adapter

Verify the Installation (Oracle SPARC)

Verify the Installation (Oracle Solaris x86)

Verify the Installation (Linux)

Verify the Installation (Windows)

Configuring the Network

Create Driver Instance Files (Oracle Solaris 10)

Configure the Network Host Files (Oracle Solaris 10)

Boot Options

Boot Over the Network (PXE)

Boot Over a GbE Network (Oracle Solaris x86 and Linux)

Install Oracle Solaris 10 Over a Network (Oracle SPARC)

Administering Driver Parameters and Jumbo Frames

Driver Parameters (Oracle Solaris OS)

Set Driver Parameters (Oracle Solaris OS)

Driver Parameters (Linux)

Set Driver Parameters (Linux)

Configuring Jumbo Frames (Oracle Solaris OS)

Change the MTU Permanently

Change the MTU Temporarily (Oracle Solaris 10)

Change the MTU Temporarily (Oracle Solaris 11)

Configure Jumbo Frames (Linux)

Configuring Link Aggregation

Link Aggregation Overview

Configure Link Aggregations (Oracle Solaris 10)

Display Information About Link Aggregations (Oracle Solaris 10)

Delete Link Aggregations (Oracle Solaris 10)

Configuring VLANs

VLAN Overview

VLAN Configuration

VLAN Naming Format

Configure Static VLANs (Oracle Solaris 10)

Configure VLANs (Linux)

Configure VLANs (Windows)

Troubleshooting the Adapter

Analyze Why the Device Link Is Missing

Analyze a Port Hang

Analyze Slow Network Performance



Boot Over a GbE Network (Oracle Solaris x86 and Linux)

  1. Obtain the MAC address of the first adapter port by checking the label of the adapter.

    For the adapter, the MAC address on the label is for the first port. The second port's MAC address is the MAC address from the label, plus 1.

  2. Set up the PXE boot server with the MAC addresses.
  3. Plug the Ethernet cable into the adapter's port.
  4. Power on the system.
  5. Press the F2 key or the Control-E keys to go to the BIOS menu.
  6. Go to the Boot - Boot Device Priority screen and ensure that the boot order of the network devices is higher than the hard drive.
  7. Press the F10 key to save the boot configuration changes and exit BIOS.

    The system should reboot after saving the boot configuration.

  8. On Oracle platforms, press the F12 key to install the OS from the network.

    If the cable is connected to the correct port, you should see the MAC address that you assigned to your PXE server displayed by BIOS. If your platform does not support the F12 key, you might need to boot from the BIOS.

    Intel(R) Boot Agent GE v1.3.31
    Copyright (C) 1997-2009, Intel Corporation
    Initializing and establishing link...
               *           Please select boot device:           *
               * HDD:P1-SEAGATE ST95001NSSUN500G 111            *
               * PXE:Slot1.F0:IBA XE Slot 0700 v2193            *
               * PXE:Slot1.F1:IBA XE Slot 0701 v2193            *
               * PXE:Slot0.F0:IBA XE Slot 0D00 v2193            *
               * PXE:Slot0.F1:IBA XE Slot 0D01 v2193            *
               * PXE:IBA GE Slot 1F00 v1331                     *
               * PXE:IBA GE Slot 1F01 v1331                     *
               *                                                *
               *                                                *
               *                                                *
               *           * and * to move selection            *
               *          ENTER to select boot device           *
               *           ESC to boot using defaults           *
    Intel(R) Boot Agent XE v2.1.93
    Copyright (C) 1997-2011, Intel Corporation
    CLIENT MAC ADDR: A0 36 9F 02 37 A4  GUID: FF200008 FFFF FFFF FFFF CE8C75282100
  9. Install the igb(7D) driver, and configure the adapter.
  10. After the OS installation completes, use the BIOS to change the boot device priority to Boot from Hard Disk to boot up the newly installed OS.

    Unless the boot device priority is changed, the OS installation process will repeat.

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