4.5. Multimedia Issues

4.5.1. Windows desktop background may become black when playing videos in Windows Media Player and refreshing the desktop

This problem can occur on Sun Ray 3 Plus Clients when using video acceleration.

Workaround: Refresh the desktop again by right-clicking on the desktop and choosing Refresh.

Reference: CR 13081974

4.5.2. When reducing the size of a video, the video starts playing inside the image of the previously set higher video size

Reference: CR 12300252

4.5.3. Some Adobe Flash settings dialog controls are not responsive

With the Adobe Flash acceleration component installed, some or all control elements of the Adobe Flash settings dialog might not react to mouse or keyboard events. This may include the button to close the dialog.

Workaround: Reload the entire web page in the browser.

Reference: CR 12257770

4.5.4. RealPlayer rendering (Solaris)

If you reset the Sun Ray Client (Ctrl-Power) while using XVideo to play a video clip in RealPlayer, the RealPlayer application sometimes fails to render for a long period of time.

Workaround: Click Pause followed by Play to start the the video clip playing again.

Reference: CR 12249128

4.5.5. Video image problems when hotdesking from two screens to one screen

Video image problems may occur when a user hotdesks a Sun Ray session from a Sun Ray 2FS Client with two screens to a Sun Ray 2 or Sun Ray 270 Client if the uttsc or video window is not near the left-most border of the desktop and the video is being scaled up.


  • Keep the video near the left-most border of the desktop.

  • Make sure that scaling does not occur by using the application menus or command keys to set video image size to 100%.

Reference: CR 12248506

4.5.6. Scaling down using XVideo

In this release, video playback using XVideo does not support scaling down.

Reference: CR 12247940

4.5.7. Sometimes VC-1 (WMV9) video does not play on the first attempt in Windows Media Player

Workaround: Relaunch the video clip.

Reference: CR 12237505

4.5.8. Slow maximized XVideo playback in RealPlayer

When video is played in an enlarged size (RealPlayer maximized mode), the user's X session responds very slowly, especially to menu requests.

Reference: CR 12220430