4.11. VMware View Connector Issues

4.11.1. Authentication fails on VDM login screen when launching Windows 7 using Network Level Authentication (NLA)

Sun Ray Software is capable of supporting Windows Network Level Authentication (NLA), but VMware View 4.5 does not support NLA on non-Windows based View clients. You must use the standard RDP authentication with VMware View 4.5.

Workaround: To configure RDP authentication, enable RDP authentication on the guest OS and add the -N off option to the uttsc arguments field in the Kiosk Mode tab within the SRS Admin GUI.

4.11.2. Character input is not working with international keyboards

There are problems when typing some characters into Java 5 dialogs on the Sun Ray server.

Workaround: Install Java 6 on the Sun Ray server and modify the kiosk script to use Java 6 to execute the VMware View connector GUI.