13.11. How to Enable or Disable XRender

Sun Ray Software includes the Xserver process, Xnewt, as the default Xserver. Xnewt also includes the capability to use the X Rendering Extension (Render), which allows applications on a client to use a rendering model based on Porter-Duff compositing. XRender is enabled by default because many new X applications require XRender to improve performance or to even function properly.

However, some applications use of XRender may conflict with optimizations in the Sun Ray protocol and create an increase in both CPU loading and network bandwidth consumption. In these instances, the applications may see a performance benefit by disabling the XRender extension.

By default, XRender is enabled. If a Sun Ray Client experiences performance degradation with a particular application, use the following procedure to disable XRender.


After enabling or disabling XRender, you must restart your current Sun Ray session (Ctrl-Alt-Bksp-Bksp) for the change to take affect. Or, you can log out from your current session and log back in.

To disable XRender on a client:

% utxconfig -n off

To enable XRender on a client:

% utxconfig -n on

You can use the -A option to supersede all user configured and system default settings.