13.13. How to Modify Screen Resolutions

You can modify your client's screen resolution settings by invoking the utsettings command.

Any resolution selection made within a session remains effective whenever the session is displayed on that particular Sun Ray Client. The selection is not lost if the unit goes into power-save mode or is power-cycled; however, the resolution settings selected through the utsettings command apply only to the client where the command is run.

When you move to another Sun Ray Client, the resolution settings do not accompany you to the new client, but the settings remain effective for your session on the original client if you return to the session through hotdesking.

If the session is associated with a personal mobile token, such as a smart card or an NSCM credential, a message displays offering to make the selected timing permanent. If you accept that offer, then the timing is retained and reused on your subsequent personal mobile token sessions on the same client.

In addition, the administrator can use the utresadm command to arrange for particular monitor timing to be used in the following situations:

Any conflict among settings is resolved in favor of the most specific configuration rule. That is, a configuration record for a specific token at a specific Sun Ray Client takes precedence over a record for any token at that specific client, and a configuration record for any token at a specific client takes precedence over a record for any token at any client.

For further details, see the utsettings and utresadm man pages.