Chapter 6. Failover Groups

Table of Contents

6.1. Failover Groups Overview
6.2. Failover Process
6.3. Load Balancing
6.4. Mixing Different Sun Ray Servers
6.5. Authentication Requirements
6.6. Dedicated Primary Servers for Data Store
6.7. Setting Up a Failover Group
6.7.1. How to Configure a Primary Server
6.7.2. How to Add a Secondary Server
6.7.3. How to Synchronize Primary and Secondary Sun Ray Servers
6.7.4. How to Change the Group Manager Signature
6.8. Additional Failover Group Tasks
6.8.1. How to Take a Server Offline and Online
6.8.2. How to Disable Load Balancing
6.8.3. How to Show the Current Sun Ray Data Store Replication Configuration
6.8.4. How to Remove the Replication Configuration
6.8.5. How to View the Failover Group Status
6.9. Recovery Issues and Procedures
6.9.1. How to Rebuild the Primary Server's Administration Data Store
6.9.2. How to Replace the Primary Server with a Secondary Server
6.9.3. Secondary Server Recovery
6.10. Group Manager Details
6.10.1. Group Manager Configuration

This chapter describes how to setup and manage a failover group.