Chapter 12. Multiple Monitor Configurations

Table of Contents

12.1. Multi-Monitor
12.1.1. Hotdesking and Multi-Monitor Configurations
12.1.2. How to Automatically Set a Client's Multi-Monitor Configuration
12.1.3. Using xrandr to Set a Specific Multi-Monitor Configuration
12.2. Multihead Groups
12.2.1. Creating a Multihead Group
12.2.2. Multihead Group Screen Indicator
12.2.3. Creating a Single Screen Across Several Monitors (Xinerama)
12.2.4. How to Create a New Multihead Group
12.2.5. How to Enable the Multihead Group Policy
12.2.6. How to Manually Set Multihead Group Screen Dimensions
12.2.7. How to Manually Set Multihead Group Geometry
12.2.8. How to Disable Multihead Group for a Session
12.2.9. How to Enable and Disable Xinerama
12.2.10. How to Disconnect a Secondary Client

This chapter describes how to administer two different types of monitor configurations that Sun Ray Software supports: multi-monitor and multihead groups.

A multi-monitor configuration supports multiple monitors connected to the dual video connectors on a Sun Ray 2FS or Sun Ray 3 Plus Client.

A multihead group configuration enables you to merge and control multiple Sun Ray Clients, referred to in this context as heads, and their screens using a single keyboard and mouse attached to a primary client.