1.1. Overview

Sun Ray Connector for Citrix XenDesktop enables users to leverage the benefits of Sun Ray technology with existing Citrix XenDesktop deployments. Citrix XenDesktop users can use highly secure Sun Ray Clients and Oracle Virtual Desktop Clients to access XenDesktop virtual machines (VMs).

Sun Ray Software provides a Citrix XenDesktop kiosk session type that communicates with the Citrix XenDesktop Web Interface Server for authenticating and brokering of XenDesktop VMs. Once a request is accepted, a RDP connection is established between the Sun Ray server and the XenDesktop Windows VM. There is no ICA connection to the XenDesktop VMs.

For an overview of the complete Citrix XenDesktop virtualization solution, refer to the Citrix XenDesktop documentation at http://support.citrix.com/proddocs/index.jsp.