Oracle Fusion Middleware Tag Reference for Oracle ADF Faces
11g Release 2 (



resetActionListener reset action listener resetAction resetaction

This tag has been deprecated. Use the generalized <af:resetListener> instead.

The resetActionListener tag is a declarative way to allow an action source (<commandButton>, <commandLink>, etc.) to fire a reset action. All values submitted will be reset to null or empty, and all editable components will be updated with the current values of the model on the server. The reset will not alter any model state directly. The resetActionListener tag supports no attributes.

Note: The listOfValues components, like inputComboboxListOfValues, push their value to the model on selection irrespective of the autoSubmit property on the component. Because the reset updates the component with the current value of the model on the server, after the reset you will still see the value that the user selected in the listOfValues components, not the value that was there before.

<source> <af:commandLink text="commandLink with resetActionListener" id="cl1" immediate="true" actionListener="#{demoInput.reset}"> <af:resetActionListener/> </af:commandButton></source>