4 Getting Started with Developing Applications with Oracle JDeveloper

This chapter provides an overview of the features for developing applications available in JDeveloper.

This chapter includes the following sections:

4.1 About Developing Applications with Oracle JDeveloper

JDeveloper provides several tools and features for developing applications. You can use these features to effectively build, test, run, and deploy your application. These features include:

  • Navigators, windows, and palettes for managing and working with different object types and resources associated with applications, projects, and files.

  • Several visual and code editing tools to facilitate the task of creating different types of source documents. The editors are integrated with other tools in the IDE such as navigators and palettes, thus drag and drop operations and simultaneous, automatic updates among the various integrated tools are supported.

  • Tools to simplify the task of testing and analyzing source code, processes, and application modules or packages.