Using Avro Schemas

Once you have defined your schema, you make use of it in your Oracle NoSQL Database application in the following way:

  1. Add the schema to your store. See Managing Avro Schema in the Store for information on how to do this.

  2. Identify the schema to your application.

  3. Serialize and/or deserialize Oracle NoSQL Database values which use the Avro data format. You use Avro bindings to perform the serialization functions. There are different bindings available to you, each of which offers pluses and negatives. We will describe the different bindings later in this section.

Other than that, the mechanisms you use to read/write/delete records in the store do not change just because you are using the Avro data format with your values. Avro affects your code only where you manage your values.

The following sections describe the bindings that you use to serialize and deserialize your data. The binding that you use defines how you provide your schema to the store.