ATG’s Configuration and Installation Manager (CIM) helps to simplify ATG product configuration by walking you through the required steps. This ensures that all necessary steps are completed and are done in the correct order. You can use CIM to get a basic, working installation running quickly and easily.

CIM handles the following configuration steps:

See the CIM help and the ATG Installation and Configuration Guide for additional information on CIM.

To configure Commerce using CIM, do the following:

  1. Install your application server.

  2. Install your applications.

  3. To start CIM, go to <ATG9dir>/home/bin and type:


  4. Select the products you want to configure.

  5. Select add-ons (such as Search or Reporting).

  6. Continue through CIM according to the prompts. Type H at any prompt for additional information.

Note that CIM does not configure the following:

  • Your Content Administration topography. See the Setting Up an ATG Content Administration Server chapter of the ATG Content Administration Programming Guide.

  • Your Commerce store and IndexingOutputConfig component. See the ATG Commerce Search Guide. CIM does handle some configuration options, such as whether you plan to index by product or by SKU, but you will most likely have to do additional configuration.

  • Automatic startup for the ProductCatalogOutputConfig components on either production or staging servers. You must manually configure these components to start automatically.

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