When you want to run ATG Commerce, you need to create and configure the database tables for the following products:

  1. Create tables for ATG Adaptive Scenario Engine by following the instructions provided in the Configuring Databases and Database Access chapter of the ATG Installation and Configuration Guide.

  2. Create the ATG Commerce tables necessary for your product suite:

Note that if you want to run Pioneer Cycling Reference Application or Motorprise Reference Application, you can skip all steps defined here and follow the instructions provided in their respective sections. See Creating Pioneer Cycling Reference Application Tables and Creating Motorprise Reference Application Tables respectively.

For descriptions of core ATG Commerce, ATG Business Commerce, and ATG Consumer Commerce database tables, see Appendix B, ATG Commerce Databases.

If you are using an Oracle or MSSQL database with ATG Commerce, see the sections provided in this chapter for configuring your database. See Using ATG Commerce with an Oracle Database and Using ATG Commerce with an MSSQL Database respectively.

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