To configure your database to work with ATG Consumer Commerce, you only need to configure the core ATG Commerce tables, as described in Creating Tables for Core ATG Commerce. You do not need to configure any additional database tables.

Creating Pioneer Cycling Reference Application Tables

You can configure your database to work with the ATG Adaptive Scenario Engine, core ATG Commerce, ATG Consumer Commerce, and the Pioneer Cycling reference application by running a single script, pioneercyclingall_ddl.sql, from the following directory:


Alternatively, to configure just the database tables for the Pioneer Cycling reference application, run the pioneercycling_ddl.sql script from the same directory.

The pioneercycling_ddl.sql script is derived from the subscripts described in Creating Tables for Core ATG Commerce as well as subscripts listed in the table below. If necessary, you can run these subscripts individually from the following directory:


File Name



Creates tables for Pioneer Cycling catalog extensions


Create tables for Pioneer Cycling profile extensions


Creates tables for the French Pioneer Cycling product catalog


Creates tables for the Japanese Pioneer Cycling product catalog

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