The bundleLinks property designates a SKU as a bundle, rather than an individual item. The bundleLinks property is a list whose elements are of another item type called a SKU link. If the SKU is not a bundle, then bundleLinks is null.

Each SKU link includes a SKU and a quantity. For example, a SKU link might represent three red shirts. A SKU bundle can include any number of SKU links. For example, a SKU bundle might consist of two SKU links, one that represents three red shirts and another that represents one black hat. Note that the bundleLinks property of the SKU item holds only SKU links, not SKU items. However, you can create a SKU link whose quantity is 1, and include that SKU link in the bundleLinks list.

When the fulfillment system recognizes that a SKU is a bundle, it fulfills the purchase by performing the fulfillment of each quantity of items defined in the SKU link. For more information, see the Configuring the Order Fulfillment Framework chapter.

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