productInfo objects are no longer required for custom catalogs. productInfo objects were required in custom catalogs before ATG Commerce 6.1. You can create productInfo objects using the ACC if you wish to keep catalog-specific information for a product.


How it is set



That property is computed by the CMS.

Set of categories that are higher in the catalog hierarchy than this product. Out-of-the-box, this information is stored in ancestorCategories property of product item.


That property is implicitly computed by the CMS – it uses the same DB table as ancestorCategories

RepositoryIDs of the ancestor categories. Read-only. Now stored in ancestorCategoryIds property of product item



Related products that are only shown to users of the catalog that maps to this productInfo.


Now kept in parentCategoriesForCatalog map in Product item

That property is computed by the CMS.

Parent category for this catalog. Read-only.


Implicitly set by GSA

Integer that is incremented automatically each time the product is updated; used to prevent version conflict. Read-only.

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