Use the atg.commerce.catalog.custom.CatalogItemLookupDroplet class to locate and display items in a repository. This ATG Servlet Bean takes input parameters specifying the repository, the repository ID, the catalog, and the item type, and renders the specified item on the page. This servlet bean does not return items that are not visible from the current user’s catalog (as defined in their profile), which makes it different from atg.repository.servlet.ItemLookupDroplet.

Rather than specifying the repository and item type through input parameters, you can set these through the servlet bean’s properties file. ATG Commerce includes several ItemLookupDroplet components that are configured to use the product catalog as the default repository and find a specific item type. Four of these components are found in /atg/commerce/catalog/: CategoryLookup, ProductLookup, SKULookup, and MediaLookup. If your site includes more than one catalog, or if your catalog uses item types not found in the standard catalog, you may want to create additional ItemLookupDroplet 4components.

For more information about the ItemLookupDroplet servlet bean, see Appendix A: ATG Commerce Servlet Beans of the ATG Commerce Guide to Setting Up a Store.

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