Each ATG Commerce calculator type has a helper method in the Qualifier class. Multiple calculators can use the same helper method. If you create a new calculator, and it processes a type of object not returned in the result set of an existing helper method, you must add a new corresponding helper method to the Qualifier class.

The following list shows existing helper methods and the type of object they return:

The following example describes a situation in which a new calculator could use an existing helper method. Assume you created a HalfPlusOneItemDiscountCalculator that discounts a set of CommerceItems to half their existing price plus one. Because there is an existing method in the Qualifier to process CommerceItems, the HalfPlusOneItemDiscountCalculator could reuse existing ATG Commerce code by calling Qualifier.findQualifyingItems. You would not need to create an additional helper method for this new calculator.

In contrast, suppose you created a HandlingDiscountCalculator to calculate an order’s handling costs separately from its shipping costs. No helper method exists for determining the handling objects to discount. Therefore, you would need to create a new findQualifyingHandling method to help the HandlingDiscountCalculator.

For new helper methods, use the naming convention findQualifyingXXX, where XXX is the name of the object in the result set that the method returns.

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