The PriceListManager class maintains the price lists. A price may be retrieved from the PriceListManager from a given price list by product, by SKU, or by a product/SKU pair.

The most important method in PriceListManager is getPrice. This is used during pricing of an order to get the correct price for a given product/SKU pair.

PriceListManager can be used to assign a default price list (DefaultPriceListId) and a default sale price list(DefaultSalePriceListId) in the event that one cannot be found for a customer, using the defaultPriceListId. Using DefaultSalePriceListID, the property name of a default price list can be added as an input parameter, determining which default list should be displayed. For example:

public RepositoryItem getDefaultPriceList(String pPriceListName)
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