HandlingInstruction objects are constructed using one of the createHandlingInstruction() methods in the HandlingInstructionManager. After the object is created and populated with the required data, call the addHandlingInstructionToShippingGroup() method to add the handling instructions to the ShippingGroup that contains the commerce item(s) whose IDs are specified in the HandlingInstruction.

A customer can set more than one handling instruction for a given CommerceItem in a ShippingGroup. For example, if an Order contains a single CommerceItem that was added to a user’s shopping cart from another user’s gift list and needs to be gift wrapped, two HandlingInstructions must be created – one for the gift wrapping and another for the gift list. Each HandlingInstruction would be of a different class type: GiftwrapHandlingInstruction and GiftlistHandlingInstruction, respectively. Each HandlingInstruction would contain:

The sum of HandlingInstruction quantities cannot exceed the quantity in the ShippingGroup for a particular HandlingInstruction class. In the above example, there can be only one GiftwrapHandlingInstruction with a quantity of 1 in the ShippingGroup because there is only one item in the ShippingGroup. However, there can be a GiftlistHandlingInstruction in the ShippingGroup that references the same item because the two HandlingInstruction objects are different types.

For details on GiftListHandlingInstructions, see the Configuring Merchandising Services chapter.

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