Each processor chain is controlled by a Pipeline Manager component. If you are using ATG Commerce, a Pipeline Manager instance is located at /atg/commerce/PipelineManager. The Pipeline Manager has two properties you may want to configure: definitionFile and chainLockWaitTimeout.

definitionFile Property

The definitionFile property points to the XML file that defines the processor chains that can be run by the Pipeline Manager. For example:


The value of this property is a file pathname, relative to your CONFIGPATH. This XML file can be anywhere in the CONFIGPATH. The Pipeline Definition Files section describes how to create the XML file that defines the processor chains controlled by a Pipeline Manager.

chainLockWaitTimeout Property

The chainLockWaitTimeout property determines the amount of time the request handling thread should wait for a processor chain to execute its processing of the request. The value of this property is in milliseconds. The default setting is:

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