The Inventory System provides a complete set of methods to support inventory handling. All users of the Inventory System need the same functionality to complete their varied tasks.

The Inventory System allows you to:

The administrator of the store uses the inventory system to:

There are two types of methods: those that reflect the state of the store and those that change the state of the store. The Inventory API is not intended to be a complete inventory admin interface.

ATG Commerce uses the InventoryManager interface when performing any operation on inventory. By default, ATG Commerce is configured with one full implementation of this interface, RepositoryInventoryManager. For more information, see the RepositoryInventoryManager section.

RepositoryInventoryManager can be used as a complete inventory system. You can use a different inventory system by providing your own implementation of the InventoryManager interface. For more information on the InventoryManager interface, see the Inventory Classes section.

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