The ApprovalPipelineManager, located in Nucleus at /atg/commerce/approval/, uses an approval pipeline configuration file to manage the pipelines in the order approval process. The configuration file is located at <ATG9dir>/B2BCommerce/atg/commerce/approval/approvalpipeline.xml.

If you modify the pipelines in the order approval process, you’ll need to extend the approvalpipeline.xml file to override the default configuration. To do so, create a new approvalpipeline.xml file at /atg/commerce/approval/ in your config directory. During deployment, the ATG platform uses XML file combination to combine the approvalpipeline.xml files in the CONFIGPATH into a single composite XML file.

For general information about how to modify existing pipelines, see the Processor Chains and the Pipeline Manager chapter. For more information on XML file combination, see the Nucleus: Organizing JavaBean Components chapter in the ATG Programming Guide.

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