Several pipeline chains manage the different phases of the approval process. They are:

The .xml configuration file for these pipeline chains is located in a .jar file at <ATG9dir>/B2BCommerce/config/config.jar. The Nucleus location for their processors is /atg/commerce/approval/processor/.

This section describes each pipeline chain and processor used in the order approval process. For general information about pipeline chains and processors, refer to the Processor Chains and the Pipeline Manager chapter in this guide.

Note: By default, both the approveOrder and checkRequiresApproval pipeline chains are configured to run in the context of the same transaction as the calling chain, processOrder. This prevents the situation where a processor in either of these pipelines throws an exception that causes them to roll back but does not cause the processOrder pipeline to roll back as well. In this problematic situation, the processOrder pipeline would finish executing without notifying the user of the error condition that exists.

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