An abandoned order or shopping cart is one that a customer creates and adds items to, but never checks out. Instead, the customer simply exits the Web site, thus “abandoning” the incomplete order.

The Abandoned Order Services module that is provided with base ATG Commerce includes a collection of services and tools that enable you to detect, respond to, and report on abandoned orders and related activity. As such, it enables you to better understand what kinds of orders your customers are abandoning, as well as what campaigns effectively entice them to reclaim and complete them. The result is an increase in order conversion and revenue.

This chapter is intended for developers who must configure the module according to specific Web site requirements. It includes the following sections:

Important: When you want to work with the Abandoned Order Services module, you need to include DCS.AbandonedOrderServices along with B2CCommerce or B2BCommerce module when you assemble your application. See the ATG Programming Guide for information on ATG modules and application assembly.

For information on related tasks that are typically performed by merchants and other business users, such as creating scenarios that respond to abandonment activity and generating reports, see the Managing Abandoned Orders chapter of the ATG Commerce Guide to Setting Up a Store.

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