The Abandoned Order Services module extends the repository definition for the order repository by adding:

  • an additional property named abandonmentInfo to the order item descriptor. This property stores an item of type abandonmentInfo.

  • an additional item descriptor named abandonmentInfo. This item stores the abandonment information for an order.

    The following table describes each abandonmentInfo property:




    An integer that indicates the number of times the item has been modified.


    The order item associated with this abandonmentInfo item.


    The ID of the order.


    The date the order was most recently modified. This property is used to detect activity on abandoned orders.

    It is important to distinguish this property from the lastModifiedDate order property, which is updated whenever a session is created for a user who has an incomplete order associated with his or her profile. The lastModifiedDate order property cannot be used to accurately detect abandoned order activity (or, more specifically, lack thereof) because it is updated even when a user has not accessed an incomplete order.


    The order’s current abandonment state. For a list of possible states, see Abandonment States above.


    The number of times the order has been identified as ABANDONED. Because an order can be abandoned multiple times, this count can be greater than one.


    The date and time that the order was most recently abandoned.


    The date and time that the order was most recently reanimated.


    The date and time that the order was converted, that is, checked out successfully.


    The date and time that the order was most recently lost.

For more information, see the definition file at <ATG9dir>/DCS/AbandonedOrderServices/config/atg/commerce/order/orderrepository.xml.

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