The Abandoned Order Services module defines an AbandonedOrderLogRepository that stores information about converted orders. Converted orders are previously abandoned orders that subsequently have been checked out.

The AbandonedOrderLogRepository is located in Nucleus at /atg/commerce/order/abandoned/AbandonedOrderLogRepository. It defines a single item descriptor named convertedOrder with the following properties:




The ID of the converted order.


The date and time that the order was converted.


The total price of the converted order.


The number of promotions that were applied to the converted order.


The total value of the promotions that were applied to the converted order.

When an abandoned order is checked out by a user and, therefore, is identified as converted, the Log Promotion Info scenario action in the Abandoned Orders scenario calculates the number and total value of the promotions applied to the converted order and stores the information in a convertedOrder item in the AbandonedOrderLogRepository.

The data in the AbandonedOrderLogRepository is particularly important for reporting on abandonment activity. For a list of predefined reports that are available see Reporting on Order Abandonment Activity in the Managing Abandoned Orders chapter of the ATG Commerce Guide to Setting Up a Store.

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