As described in Detecting Abandoned and Lost Orders, the /atg/commerce/order/abandoned/AbandonedOrderService uses a specific set of criteria when it queries the order repository for orders to identify as abandoned and lost. (See that section for the list of criteria.) The queries used are returned by the following methods of class atg.commerce.order.abandoned.AbandonedOrderService:

  • generateAbandonedQuery(), which returns a query created from the following sub-queries:

    • getDateQueryForAbandonedOrders()

    • getOrderStatesQuery()

    • getAbandonmentInfoQueryForAbandonedOrders()

    • getMinimumAmountQuery()

  • generateLostQuery(), which returns a query created from the following sub-queries:

    • getDateQueryForLostOrders()

    • getOrderStatesQuery()

    • getAbandonmentInfoQueryForLostOrders()

    • getMinimumAmountQuery()

For details on these methods, see atg.commerce.order.abandoned.AbandonedOrderService in the ATG API Reference.

If desired, you can modify the criteria used to identify abandoned or lost orders. To do so, create a class that extends atg.commerce.order.abandoned.AbandonedOrderService and overrides the appropriate method listed above. Then configure an instance of your custom class in Nucleus by layering on a configuration file for the /atg/commerce/order/abandoned/AbandonedOrderService.

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