The steps involved in invoice creation and processing are:

  1. A user asks for an invoice to be generated upon checkout and provides a purchase order number. An invoiceRequest payment group is created and attached to the order. See the Invoices in Checkout section. At this time, processors in the commerce pipeline validate the invoiceRequest, allowing checkout to proceed. For more information on these processors, see the Configuring Purchase Process Services chapter in this manual.

  2. When the order is fulfilled, the PaymentManager debits its payment groups. For invoices, the PaymentManager performs a debit by calling on the InvoiceManager to generate a new Invoice object, just as with credit cards the PaymentManager performs a debit by contacting a billing service to bill the credit card.

  3. The Invoice is created and stored in the Invoice repository.

  4. JMS messages are generated informing the Dynamo Scenario Manager and any other modules you designate that an invoice has been created.

The rest of this chapter explains the pieces involved in invoice processing, in the order they are mentioned above.

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