Segments (also known as profile groups) represent different groups in your customer base. To log segment data for reporting, the /atg/reporting/datacollection/userprofiling/SegmentChangeListenerService listens for ConfigurationEvents. These events occur when updates, deletions, or insertions are made to segments. The listener sends details of segment changes to the /atg/reporting/datacollection/userprofiling/SegmentFileLogger via a data collection queue. The SegmentFileLogger creates the log entry.

The segment_timestamp_unique file contains the following logged information:

The following is an example of the segment log:

10/19/2006 20:46:01  UserProfiles  segment  UserProfiles:DiscountShopper
  INSERT  DiscountShopper  "Prefers sale items"
10/19/2006 21:46:10  UserProfiles  segment  UserProfiles:DiscountShopper
  UPDATE  DiscountShopper  "Only sale items"
10/19/2006 21:50:13  UserProfiles  segment  UserProfiles:DiscountShopper
  DELETE  DiscountShopper  "Only sale items"
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