A very common practice for ATG customers is to add properties to existing repository items, for instance by extending the product catalog. The example in this section describes in detail the changes you would need to make if you had added a new attribute, weight, to the SKUs in your catalog. The example assumes that you have already made this change to your repository, and now want to include weight information in your reports.

To add an attribute to a dimension:

<item-descriptor name="sku">
  <table name="ARF_SKU">
    <property name="weight" column-name="WEIGHT" type="double"/>
  1. Map the weight property in the product catalog to the weight property in the data warehouse. This mapping is crucial for loading the product catalog dimension. The /atg/reporting/datawarehouse/process/Definition/DimensionProperties.xml file contains a data-warehouse-repository-item element, which has a property-mappings child element. For this example, we’ll add a new warehouse-property element under that, identifying how to map the data.

    <data-warehouse-repository-item item="sku">
          <warehouse-property name="weight">
              <production-property name="catalog.sku.weight"/>

    This XML snippet maps the SKU’s weight property in the product catalog to the weight property in the data warehouse.

  2. Use the Framework Manager to modify the metadata model to include the new attribute (Note: This tool is available only for Windows, and is an optional part of the ACI installation. See the Cognos Framework Manager User Guide). Copy the model to your local project before editing to prevent your changes being overwritten by future ATG updates.

    The model is located in the <ATG9dir>/DCS/DW/cpf directory. Modify the [ARF_SKU] query subject in the Database View, the [Sku] query subject in the Model View, and the [Catalog] regular dimension in the dimensional view.

  3. Republish the metadata model with your changes.

  4. Copy and modify the provided reports, or create new reports that use the new attribute.

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