The ATG platform includes reference applications that demonstrate how you might create a Web site using particular ATG Commerce modules:

About the ATG Commerce Sample Catalog

The commerce sample catalog is a set of sample JSPs that constitute a stripped-down, but functional commerce site. As you develop your site, you can refer to the sample catalog for simple code examples that illustrate common ATG Commerce features, such as the following:

Additionally, you can use the sample catalog JSPs as a starting point for your own JSP templates.

You can access the sample catalog through ATG Consumer Commerce or ATG Business Commerce. If you’re using ATG Consumer Commerce, the sample pages use a B2C-style user profile and a standard catalog. If you’re using ATG Business Commerce, the sample pages use a B2B-style user profile and custom catalogs. This is achieved through the use of a ComponentExists servlet bean that determines which version of ATG Commerce is running and then renders the appropriate open parameter.

To access the sample catalog, when you assemble your application, simply append the DCSSampleCatalog module to the list of modules:

Optionally, you can replace either PioneerCyclingJSP or MotorpriseJSP with your own commerce application that defines a catalog.

The DCSSampleCatalog module includes a sampleCatalog Web application that contains the sample catalog JSPs but no additional code or configuration properties. In order to access the Web application, first you need to deploy the sampleCatalog.ear file provided in <ATG9dir>/DCSSampleCatalog/j2ee-apps/ on your application server, then deploy the application. Note that the sample catalog JSPs are predominantly intended as simple illustrations of common ATG Commerce features; they are not guaranteed to work in every environment or with every application.

The sample catalog JSPs are located at <ATG9dir>/DCSSampleCatalog/j2ee-apps/sampleCatalog/web-app/. Once the sample catalog module has deployed, you can view the pages by pointing your browser to http://hostname:port/sample_catalog/. The port you use depends on your application server and how it is configured. For example, on JBoss the default URL is:

See the ATG Installation and Configuration Guide for the default port.

You can also access the sample catalog JSPs via the Pages and Components > J2EE Pages area of the ATG Control Center (ACC). Via the J2EE Pages task area, you can open a specific JSP in the ACC’s Document Editor, and, if the sample catalog application is running, preview it in your browser.

Note: For detailed information on assembling an ATG application, see the ATG Programming Guide.

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