This guide is divided into the following chapters:

ATG Commerce Catalog Administration
Describes how to design a catalog and populate it with subcatalogs, categories, products and SKUs. (Site Administrators)

Inventory and Fulfillment Administration
Explains how to manage inventory and fulfillment. (Site Administrators)

Managing Price Lists
Provides instructions for creating, modifying, and deleting price lists. (Business Users)

Creating and Maintaining Promotions
Describes all types of promotions and provides instructions for working with them. (Business Users) Also describes how to assign a promotion to a user when a promotion ID is included in the request URL. (Page Developers)

Managing Cost Centers
Explains how to view, add, and assign cost centers using the ACC. (Business Users - Business Commerce only). Also describes form handlers and other classes provided for customizing cost centers. (Page Developers - Business Commerce only)

Using Commerce Elements in Scenarios
Details scenario events, conditions, and actions provided by ATG Commerce. Also, provides sample scenarios. (Business Users)

Managing Abandoned Orders
Describes scenarios designed to work with abandoned order information. (Business Users)

Catalog Navigation and Searching
Explains how to code catalog navigation elements and search capabilities into your JSPs. (Page Developers)

Implementing Custom Catalogs
Describes how to code JSPs to support the ability to navigate, search, and display items in custom catalogs. (Page Developers)

Implementing Product Comparison
Explains how to code JSPs to use product comparison lists. (Page Developers)

Implementing Shopping Carts
Provides instructions on using and configuring shopping carts in your JSPs. (Page Developers)

Implementing Order Retrieval
Details how to design your JSPs to retrieve orders. (Page Developers)

Implementing an Order Approval Process
Explains how to code JSPs that contain order approval information. (Page Developers -Business Commerce only)

Filtering Collections of Products
Describes how to sort collections of products on the fly. (Page Developers)

Using ATG Commerce Portal Gears
Describes how to use the Order Status Gear and the Order Approval Gear. (Page Developers)

Appendix A, : ATG Commerce Servlet Beans
Provides a list of Commerce-specific servlet beans. (Page Developers)

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