A product catalog is composed of related items that form an organizational and navigational framework, enabling customers to locate and purchase items. A product catalog is usually built from a hierarchical tree of categories and products.

This chapter discusses how to use the ATG Control Center (ACC) to create and modify a catalog for your commerce site. Note that this chapter assumes that you are using one of the default Commerce product catalogs and the default repository editor. If the product catalog or repository editor has been customized at your site, administering the catalog may work differently from the way this chapter describes.

Users who have ATG Merchandising and ATG Content Administration create catalogs and populate them in a content management environment so some sections in this chapter will be relevant for them and some won’t. See the first two sections to learn about the commerce RepositoryItems (assets) you will use and how, theoretically, to organize them in your catalog. For specific instructions on building your catalog, see the ATG Merchandising User Guide, which describes how commerce users work with catalogs in the ATG Merchandising UI. Although it’s possible for ATG Merchandising users to work with catalogs in the ATG Control Center, you won’t benefit from the project management and versioning capabilities provided by ATG Merchandising if you do.

This chapter covers the following topics:

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