In ATG Commerce, the product catalog is an ATG repository, and the various elements of the catalog (such as categories, products, and images) are repository items. You build the product catalog by adding new repository items and defining relationships between them.

The main item types for standard catalogs are categories, products, and SKUs. Those using custom catalogs also have catalog and subcatalog item types, as well as categoryInfo, productInfo, and skuInfo items, which hold catalog-specific data. For custom catalogs, the catalog and subcatalog types represent the different versions of your store for users to shop in. Categories are like store departments, and products represent the individual products for sale. SKUs represent different versions of the product, and are the actual items sold. For example, a product that represents a specific shirt might have many associated SKUs, representing different combinations of size and color.

In addition to these item types, the catalog has media item types, which represent the JSP template pages used in the site, and images, which can be displayed along with categories, products, or SKUs.

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