The standard catalog includes a SKU link item type, which you can use to create SKU bundles. SKU bundles are SKUs composed of several other SKUs. Bundles allow a group of items to be purchased as a single item, although it is treated as multiple items in order fulfillment. They differ from configurable SKUs in that the component SKUs of a bundle are always the same.

Creating a SKU bundle is a three-part process:

For example, suppose you want to create a SKU bundle that consists of six #2 pencils and a pencil case:

Creating a SKU Link

To create a SKU link:

Creating a SKU from SKU Links

Once you have created one or more SKU links, you can create a SKU that combines the links:

  1. Create a SKU, as described in Creating a SKU earlier in this chapter.

  2. Select the Bundle links field and click the ... button. A dialog box opens for specifying SKU links.

  3. Click Add. The New Item dialog box displays.

  4. Click List to display a list of SKU links.

  5. Select the SKU links from the list. You can select multiple SKU links from the list by holding down the Ctrl key while selecting items.

  6. Click OK to close the New Item dialog box, then click OK to close the Bundle links window.

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