Follow these steps to change prices in an existing price list. This section describes how to directly edit a price in a price list. You can also change a price to use volume pricing. See the Setting Volume Pricing section for more information.

  1. Open the existing price list and view prices of SKUs in the list. See Viewing Existing Price Lists for more information.

  2. Double click directly on the price you want to change. If multiple price lists are visible, make sure you select from the appropriate list. You can also set volume pricing. For more information, see the Setting Volume Pricing section.

  3. Enter the new price in the field and press Enter. The new price appears in the list.

    Note: Prices must be entered in the convention of the locale assigned to the price list. For example, if the locale is de_DE_Euro for European currency, then a price must be entered with a comma, such as 2,79.

Copying Prices Between Price Lists

Follow these steps to copy prices between price lists.

Note: You can only copy prices between price lists with the same locale.

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