Users who don’t qualify for promotions present an additional upselling opportunity for you: you can make them aware of what they need to do in order to receive a promotion. For example, you can encourage users to purchase more products by displaying a “Buy one more box of light bulbs and get the next one free!” message on a checkout page.

In order to display upsell incentives for a given promotion, you need to describe the circumstances under which those incentives are appropriate. For example, if a promotion gives free shipping to orders over $2500, you might want to display an upsell incentive when orders are $2400 that says “Free shipping if you spend $100!” You specify these circumstances as Closeness Qualifier items. A Closeness Qualifier has three main parts: a rule that says when it applies (orders greater than $2400), media items that display when the rule is met (“Free shipping if you spend $100!”), and a priority. When the Closeness Qualifier rule fits for a user’s circumstance, the user’s profile receives a reference to that Closeness Qualifier.

You can also define an Upsell Action, which is a list of upsell products. For example, products that cost $100 could make up your Upsell Action. Buying one such product qualifies a user for the free shipping promotion.

Once you have defined the Closeness Qualifiers and Upsell Actions for a promotion, you need to decide how those Closeness Qualifiers will be detected. You can design scenarios to add items to a slot that are accessed in a page or send an email when a user obtains a Closeness Qualifier.

Follow these steps in this order to create alert notices about a user’s proximity to a promotion:

  1. The Page Developer creates the text and media that advertises how close a user is to qualifying for the promotion. These items are called media items and you will need to know where they are located in order to complete the steps below.

  2. Create the promotion. See Creating a Promotion for instructions.

  3. Describe the Closeness Qualifier, when users qualify for it, and the promotion it is associated with. See Creating Closeness Qualifiers.

  4. Specify upsell products in an Upsell Action. See Working with Upsell Actions.

  5. Enable the upsell option on the promotion. See Updating the Promotion.

  6. Activate the upsell notification by creating a scenario that uses it or instruct a page developer to incorporate it into a JSP. See Detecting a Closeness Qualifier.

Sample Upsell Incentives

Here are two promotions, each of which has two Closeness Qualifiers.

Promotion: Free Shipping to Orders Over $2500

The goal of the Closeness Qualifier Spend $100: encourages users whose cart contents cost between $2400-$2499 to purchase products that cost $100. To implement this Closeness Qualifier, you would need to do the following:

The goal of the Closeness Qualifier Buy This Brand: encourages users whose cart includes items from Manufacturer Z to purchase additional products from Manufacturer Z. To implement this Closeness Qualifier, you would need to do the following:

Promotion: Buy 3 product Xs and get 1 Y free

The goal of Closeness Qualifier Buy One More X: encourages users who have two Xs in their carts to purchase a third in order to receive a free Y.

The goal of Closeness Qualifier Buy two More Xs: encourages users who have one X and one Y in their carts to purchase two more Xs so the Y is free.

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