An Upsell Action holds the products that you want to upsell. Each Closeness Qualifier specifies one Upsell Action that holds all products it aims to upsell. By purchasing products in the Upsell Action, a user could qualify for the promotion. Using an Upsell Action is optional. When you include an Upsell Action, you can create scenarios that add all products for an Upsell Action to a slot. A page developer can use an Upsell Action to determine the media items to display on a page.

There are two ways to specify products in an Upsell Action. You can specify a fixed group of products. It’s best to specify product IDs directly when you are upselling a few key products. Another option available to you is to create a content group. Content groups allow you to create a group of product SKUs based on the complex rules you define.

There are three tasks you need to do:

Creating a Content Group

A content group is a collection of items that share the same repositoryItem type and satisfy a set of conditions. Using a content group allows you to form a collection of products that share some similarity without needing to know anything else about those products. If you’d like to use a content group, create it before creating your Upsell Action by following the instructions in the Creating Content Groups chapter of the ATG Personalization Guide for Business Users. When you are asked to supply a content source, specify the following:

  • For standard catalogs, select ProductCatalog as the source and Product as the content type.

  • For custom catalogs, select CustomProductCatalog as the source and Product as the content type. It’s likely that the content type you will want to use is product.

The groups you create are based on inclusion (all products with this start date) or exclusion (all products that aren’t on sale) rules.

Once you create the Upsell Action, you assign the content group to the Upsell Action’s upsellProductsGroup property.

Creating an Upsell Action

To define an Upsell Action:

Note: Ignore the two disabled properties Dynamic Upsell Products and Upsell Products. There properties are populated at runtime when the Upsell Action is used. When you specify a content group, the Dynamic Upsell Products property is populated by the products that make up the group. The Upsell Products property holds the complete set of products specified using the two methods (assembled by content groups or entered directly) for an Upsell Action.

Associating an Upsell Action to a Closeness Qualifier

Associate an Upsell Action to a Closeness Qualifier as follows:

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