This section explains how to add a coupon to the Gift Certificates and Coupons repository and create a claim code for it.

  1. In the ATG Control Center, select Purchases and Payments > Gift Certificates and Coupons.

  2. In the search query box at the top of the window, specify Items of type Coupon and then click List. Any coupons already in your system appear in the left pane of the window.

  3. Select File > New Item. The New Item dialog box appears, with Coupon selected as the item type.

  4. In the New ID field, type the string you want to use as the coupon’s claim code. This code is the one customers will enter when they want to apply the coupon to an order.

    Note that the claim codes for coupons are case-sensitive. For example, COUP100 and coup100 are two different claim codes.

    Note: Avoid creating coupon codes that are easy to guess. For example, it is not recommended that you create short or sequential codes (100, 101, and 102, for example). If you leave this field blank, ATG Commerce uses its internal ID generation system to create a random coupon code for you. It is often preferable to have ATG Commerce create the code than to do it yourself.

  5. Specify the entries in the New “Coupon” Values area of the dialog box.

  6. Click OK. The system adds the new coupon to the repository and displays it by its promotion name in the panel on the left of the window. You can hold your mouse over the promotion name to display the coupon claim code (or ID) in a pop-up window.

For more information on setting up coupons, please refer to the Configuring Merchandising Services chapter in the ATG Commerce Programming Guide.

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