In a scenario, an Event element is the “what” part of the scenario. An Event element defines the visitor behavior that you want to identify and use as a trigger for the next element in the scenario, for example, “visits page in folder /shoes” or “views an item from Products in the category ‘shoes’.”

This section describes the Event elements provided with ATG Commerce for use in scenarios. These commerce Event elements are in addition to those provided with the Scenarios module. For information about scenarios, how to use Event elements in scenarios, and non-commerce Event elements, refer to the Creating Scenarios chapter of the ATG Personalization Guide for Business Users.

If the Event elements provided with ATG Commerce do not meet all of your requirements, your application developers can create custom ones. Custom Event elements appear in the ATG Control Center, and you can use them as you would use any standard Event element.

Note for developers: For information about creating custom Event elements, refer to the Adding Custom Events, Actions, and Conditions to Scenarios chapter in the ATG Personalization Programming Guide. If you need to extend the Scenario module’s grammar for use with custom ATG Commerce elements, also refer to the Commerce-Related Grammar Configuration section of the Configuring the ATG Expression Editor chapter in the same guide.

Also note that Event elements are triggered when the ScenarioManager component receives events sent as Dynamo Message System messages. The description of each Event element in this chapter identifies the message that triggers the element, as well as the component or part of the system that is responsible for sending the message. The optional parameters that appear for a specific Event element correspond to the properties of the message bean that represents that event, including properties inherited from any parent classes. For more information about the Dynamo Message System, refer to the Dynamo Message System chapter of the ATG Programming Guide.

The Event elements provided with ATG Commerce are listed below in alphabetical order.

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