Typically, a catalog home page displays a list of root categories. Unlike other categories, root categories cannot be found through the childCategories property of other categories. Root categories are those that appear in the allRootCategories property of the user’s catalog.

The following example uses a ForEach servlet bean with the allRootCategories property to find the root categories.

<TITLE>Home Page</TITLE>

<H1>Home Page</H1>
 <dsp:droplet name="/atg/dynamo/droplet/ForEach">
   <dsp:param bean="/atg/userprofiling/Profile.catalog.allRootCategories"
  <dsp:oparam name="output">
      <dsp:getvalueof id="a26" param="element.template.url"
<dsp:a href="<%=a26%>"/>
      <dsp:param param="element.repositoryId" name="id"/>
      <dsp:param value="pop" name="navAction"/>
      <dsp:param param="element" name="Item"/>
      <dsp:valueof param="element.displayName"/></td>

  <dsp:oparam name="empty">
    <p>No root categories found.

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