You can also use the OrderLookup servlet bean to retrieve a user’s incomplete orders (that is, shopping carts). OrderLookup enables you to retrieve a single order, all orders assigned to a particular cost center (ATG Business Commerce only), all orders placed by a particular user, or all orders placed by a particular user that are in specific state, such as INCOMPLETE. For more information on OrderLookup, see the Implementing Order Retrieval chapter.

Once the desired shopping cart is moved to ShoppingCart.current, you can use a ForEach servlet bean to iterate over the commerce items in the cart and display them. The following JSP code example illustrates how to do this. In the example, a checkbox is rendered beside each item to allow the user to remove any item from the cart; likewise, a textbox is rendered beside each item to allow the user to modify the quantity of any item.

<droplet bean="ForEach">
  <param name="array" value="bean:ShoppingCart.current.commerceItems">
  <param name="elementName" value="item">
  <oparam name="output">
<tr valign=top>
  <input type="checkbox" unchecked
  <input size=4 name="param:item.catalogRefId"
  <droplet src="product_fragment.jsp">
  <param name="childProduct" value="param:item.auxiliaryData.productRef">
  <%@ include file="product_fragment.jsp"%>

cart.jsp in the Motorprise reference application illustrates similar functionality. If you’ve installed ATG Business Commerce, you can access cart.jsp at <ATG9dir>\MotorpriseJSP\j2ee-apps\motorprise\web-app\en\catalog\. You can also open the page in the ACC’s Document Editor via the Pages and Components>J2EE Pages task area.

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