The /atg/registry/CollectionFilters/InventoryFilter component, which is a component of class atg.commerce.collections.filter.InventoryFilter, is used to eliminate products from a collection that have a specific inventory availability.

InventoryFilter compares inventory status as defined in the InventoryManager for each product’s SKUs to the statuses specified in the InventoryFilter.IncludeInventoryStates property. If any SKU for a product has a status included in the IncludeInventoryStates property, the product remains in result set collection. By default, InventoryFilter.IncludeInventoryStates has values 1000 (in stock), 1002 (pre-orderable), and 1003 (back orderable) so any product containing one of these values is added to the collection that’s returned.

You can access the InventoryFilter component through the InventoryFilterDroplet servlet bean (directly) and the ProductFilterDroplet (as part of a filter chain). Although you have the option to cache collection filter content, caching is discouraged for InventoryFilter if you are using an Inventory Manager, like CachingInventoryManager, that has its own caching mechanism. For more information on caching, see the Filtering Collections chapter of ATG Personalization Programming Guide.

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