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The InventoryLookup servlet bean returns inventory information for a specified item.

Input Parameters

itemId (Required)
The catalogRefId of the product catalog SKU whose inventory information will be retrieved.

If set to true, cached inventory data will be retrieved. Depending on how the inventory is updated, cached data may be out of date. For general store browsing where performance is critical, useCache should be set to true. If it is essential that the retrieved inventory information match the latest information in the repository, then set useCache to false.

Output Parameters

The information object that holds the retrieved inventory information. The inventoryInfo object has the following properties:

Any exception that may have occurred while looking up the inventory information.

Open Parameters

The open parameter rendered if the inventory information is successfully retrieved.


The following code sample is an example of using the InventoryLookup servlet bean:

<dsp:droplet name="/atg/commerce/inventory/InventoryLookup"> </td>
   <dsp:param param="link.item.repositoryId" name="itemId"/>
   <dsp:param value="true" name="useCache"/>
   <dsp:oparam name="output">
     This item is
     <dsp:valueof param="inventoryInfo.availabilityStatusMsg"/><br>
     There are
     <dsp:valueof param="inventoryInfo.stockLevel"/>
     left in the inventory.<br>
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